Technology/ Digital Teaching and Learning

Dane Rickett became the Chief Technology Officer for Cherokee County Schools in December of 2022. In April of 2023, the Office of Digital Teaching and Learning was combined with the Technology Department to streamline information and direction. 
Mr. Rickett graduated from Andrews High School here in Cherokee County. After high school, Mr. Rickett received his undergraduate degree from Western Carolina University and later earned a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction and an EDS from Liberty University.
Mr. Rickett served as a high school teacher, an athletic director, an assistant principal, and a principal in his 25 years with Cherokee County Schools.    
"The goal of digital teaching and learning in Cherokee County is to utilize a blended learning approach to enhance the current educational experience of students. Technology should be utilized to improve and add to the current experience, but never to replace it."  ~ Dane Rickett 
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Technology Staff Members: 
Randy Bryant - Network Engineer 
Randy Starnes - Technichian 
Alan Warman - Device Manager 
Digital Teaching and Learning Team: 

Dane Rickett

CTO - Director of Digital Teaching and Learning 

Mary White

Curriculum Engineer, Distance Learning 

Joslyn Parker 

Elementary Administrator Rep

David Decker

Middle School Teacher Rep

John Warden 

Oaks Academy Teacher Rep

Ruby Cutshaw

Director Curriculum and Instruction 

Jessica Sheppard

Elementary Exceptional Children - Accessibility Consultant

Alyssa Montague

High School Teacher Rep

Dana Anderson 

Early College Teacher Rep

Alan Warman 

Device Manager/ Interoperability Standards 

Holly Stonecypher 

Elementary Teacher Rep