Digital Teaching & Learning for Families

Cherokee County Schools is a digitally innovative school district. We provide Chromebooks for every student in grades 3-12 and iPad carts for use in our PK-2 classrooms. We are proud to be a Google Apps for Education school district. 
Digital Teaching and Learning In Cherokee County Schools is centered around a Personalized, Progressive, Real-World, and Collaborative framework we call PPRC. The PPRC framework, in conjunction with the North Carolina Digital Learning Competencies, serves as a guide to empower leadership, build educator capacity, and foster partnerships to support success for all learners.
Why Chromebooks? 
Your student is issued a Chromebook by Cherokee County Schools. Chromebooks are not near as fast, powerful, nor do they have the capabilities of some machines, but they do have features that make them perfect for a school setting. 
1. Chromebooks are user-specific and account-specific. So when your student logs onto the device, it is user-specific and includes their google drive, email, and any content they have stored within the drive. This provides the ability to share, provide loaners, and easily prepare a Chromebook for another user. 
2. Through Google Admin, your student's google drive account and email are accessible by administrators for review. We do not go into their accounts often, but we retain the right to if an issue or concern arises. 
3. Chromebooks do not have storage. Therefore your student cannot download programs, music, photos, or other content outside of Google Drive. This not only heads off potential issues but keeps the device running at peak performance.  
4. Chromebooks are one of the most cost-effective options on the market providing the student with a reliable device while providing the district cost savings over purchasing other laptops and PCs.