Staff Training

Required Training for All Staff

All CCS staff members are required to complete the following training each year.  
Once the training has been completed, contact your supervisor for the next steps.
Teacher Training
Teachers are required to complete additional training, referred to as professional development (PD), in order to maintain their NC teaching license.
For more information about workshops and other PD opportunities, check the CCS Professional Development page.
For more information about the types of PD required to maintain a teaching license, see the Licensure Renewal page.
Beginning Teacher Training
Staff new to the teaching profession are required to complete certain requirements for the first three years.  These new teachers are matched with a mentor for support and guidance. New teachers also attend regular meetings to help them acclimate to the classroom experience.  For more information about beginning teacher education (BTE) training, contact Central Office.
Child Abuse and Threats to Child Safety
Teachers, instructional support personnel, principals, and assistant principals are required to review the training document on even numbered years.  Upon completion of this review, contact your supervisor.