Cherokee County Board of Public Education

Notice of Request for Qualifications

For Architectural Services for Schools of Innovation and Technology High School


Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Architectural Services pertaining to Schools of Innovation and Technology High School are to be addressed to Cherokee County Schools, Attention Dr. Jeana Conley, 911 Andrews Road Murphy NC 28906 and will be received on or before 3 PM February 28, 2019.

A copy of the RFQ Package in its entirety, including scope of work, is available for download from the Cherokee County Schools NC government website at http://www.cherokee.k12.nc.us/  The services provided by an architect are professional services.  The selection of an architect for professional services is made at the discretion of the Board of Education.  The Board of Education reserves the right to refuse and reject any or all qualifications and to waive any and all formalities or technicalities or to accept the firm who the Board of Education in its sole discretion determines to be most qualified.  The Board of Education may determine to take no action and reserves the right to do so.  Qualifications submitted after the deadline date and time will not be accepted.


Note:  Firms submitting qualifications not in proper form may be rejected.

AHERA Asbestos Statement for Planner and Steps to Inform Others
DHHS 3538

Cherokee Schools maintains an asbestos site on the school district main web page that is accessible to the general public. In addition, the general policies of Cherokee County Schools are printed in the school planners that are distributed to the students at the beginning of the school year. Those schools which were constructed asbestos “FREE” have posters stating that “No Asbestos was used in the construction of this building” posted on the administrative lobby notification board for public viewing.
Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act

This notice is provided to you with information regarding the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Management Plan for the Cherokee County Schools. AHERA is a provision of the Toxic Substance Control Act and was passed by Congress in 1986. It requires schools to "ensure that workers and building occupants, or their legal guardians, are informed at least once each school year about inspections, response actions, and post-response action activities, including periodic re-inspection and surveillance activities that are planned or in progress as well as the availability of the AHERA Management Plan for public review (§763.84(c)). The AHERA Management Plan contains documents of the initial AHERA inspection, 6-month periodic Surveillances, Triennial re-inspections, employee training and Operations and Maintenance procedures.

If you have any questions regarding the AHERA Management Plan for this school district, you can contact
Mr. John Higdon at (828) 837-2722 ext. 2431.

John Higdon, Assistant Superintendent & Facilities