Driver Education

Students interested in learning to drive can complete the driver education program through Cherokee County Schools.  Any student of the appropriate age is eligible to participate and signs up through Andrews High School, Hiwassee Dam High School, Murphy High School, or Tri-County Early College. 
There are two parts to the driver education program:
  - classroom instruction (optional)
  - driving practice.
The classroom portion of the program is taught online and requires approximately 30 hours to complete.  Contact the school's driver education coordinator to sign up for the free course.    
The driving portion of the program is completed with a local instructor and is also scheduled through the school. Students must successfully complete 6 hours of passenger time and 6 hours of driving time.  There is a fee for this part of the program.  Please contact the school for more information about the fee.
Upon successful completion of the driver education program, students receive a Driver Education Certificate.  Take this to the Department of Motor Vehicles to apply for a Learner's Permit.