EC Parent Resources

It is important that you understand the Procedural Safeguards (legal rights) provided for you and your child with a disability. Staff is available to assist you in understanding your rights and will provide further explanation upon your request. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Exceptional Children (EC) Services.
Any person who has a concern about the education of a student with a disability can raise the issue in one of several ways. For example, it is always appropriate to discuss the matter with the student's teacher or principal at the local school, or it is also helpful to contact the Director of Exceptional Children Program in the central office of the school system, charter school, or state-operated program.
This form helps us to ensure that resolutions help to address concerns.  Please complete this form to provide the Director of EC Services with feedback about the resolution process.
What is the difference between "accommodation" and "modification?"  Here are some examples to explain.
Progress Monitoring
Progress monitoring is a scientifically based practice that is used to assess students’ academic performance and evaluate the effectiveness of instruction.  To implement progress monitoring, the student’s current levels of performance are determined and goals are identified for learning that will take place over time. The student’s academic performance is measured on a regular basis (weekly or monthly). Progress toward meeting the student’s goals is measured by comparing expected and actual rates of learning. Based on these measurements, teaching is adjusted as needed.