Ready, Set, Grow! How to Teach Growth Mindset in Grades K–8

Ready, Set, Grow! How to Teach Growth Mindset in Grades K–8
8/20/2020, 2:00 PM 3:00 PM  

Drawing on insight from years of teaching growth mindset in the classroom, presenter Shannon Anderson, M.Ed., shares positive, practical, you-can-do-it advice on building an improved mindset and accomplishing goals—for kids of all abilities. Everyone faces obstacles and it’s easy to get stuck in a fixed mindset or give up when we encounter them. In this edWebinar, learn how to change the way your students think about their challenges so instead of giving up, they can grow, feel better about themselves, and get better at the things they try.

In addition to an introduction to growth mindset, this edWebinar offers information on how to set goals, overcome self-doubt, and build resilience. Having a growth mindset empowers kids to tackle not only their big exciting dreams but also the daily tasks they may dread or put off. Shannon equips you with many tools, tips, and strategies to use in your own school setting for years to come.

Kids can do more and be more when they believe in themselves. Join this edWebinar to learn how to help your students succeed inside and outside the classroom.

This edWebinar will benefit K–8 general education teachers, counselors, administrators, and gifted education professionals. There will be time for questions at the end of the presentation.

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