Policies Under Review


The board of education reserves to itself the functions of developing and revising policies for the school system.  The formation and adoption of policies will constitute the primary method through which the board exercises its leadership in the operation of the school system.  All policy decisions will be made while keeping in mind the board’s objective to provide students with the opportunity to receive a sound basic education.


Board policies are reviewed periodically to ensure compliance with general statute, State Board of Education policy, and as needed to align existing policy with current school system requirements.  Policies are reviewed by a two-phase process; first and second reading.  Policies amendments are first considered by the board during the first reading process, when all amendments are made the policy then is considered by the board at a second reading at which point the policy is either approved or returned to the first reading process for further development. 


This page shows policies in the first and second reading process.  If you have any questions regarding a policy or the amendments thereto, please contact your child’s principal or a representative at Central Office.