Community Eligibility Provision

We will be participating in the Community Eligibility Provision at our elementary schools, combination elementary/middle schools and The Oaks Academy.

What does this mean?

All students at the following schools will receive breakfast and lunch at "No Cost" to the student: Andrews Elementary, Hiwassee Dam Elementary, Martins Creek Elem/Middle, Murphy Elementary, Peachtree Elementary, Ranger Elem/Middle, and The Oaks Academy.
Students/parents do not need to complete any paperwork to participate in this program. We just need the students to come through the serving line and select a meal. That's it.

How can you help?

Participation is the key to making this program work. The more students we have eating, the better our reimbursement which will provide needed funding to keep the child nutrition program and our staff working. Please encourage your students to eat. We have made changes to our menus and have new items for our customers. If you have not visited our cafeteria lately, please visit us. I believe you will see we are changing to meet our customers needs within the guidelines USDA has given us.

Additional information
Breakfast will continue to be free to ALL enrolled students in Cherokee County Schools so our high school students will continue to get a "no cost" breakfast. Studies have shown that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Thank you for working with your principal and allowing students to eat breakfast in the classroom or participate in our "Grab and Go" breakfast program. This was a huge success at the end of the school year thanks to you.

We will continue to have snack items available for sale in the cafeteria for all students. These will meet the "new" Smart Snack standards that is part of the 2010 Healthy, Hungry-Free Kids Act. Manufacturers have stepped up to the plate and create nutritious but yummy snack items for our students. I think you will be surprised with the variety of snack items we have for you.

We would love to hear feedback about our School Nutrition Program. Let me know how we are doing.