XQ Superschool $10 Million Dollar Grant

posted Aug 4, 2016, 7:36 AM by Randy Bryant   [ updated Aug 4, 2016, 7:37 AM ]
Most of Cherokee County is unaware, but I want to give a shout out and a spotlight to Tri-County Early College who is one of the top 50 FINALISTS in the Nation for the XQ Superschool $10 million dollar grant. Cherokee County Schools' Principal of the Year Alissa G. Cheek has led an amazing team of educators and students through a tremendous process of innovation, creation, and reflection.

The brain child of this process is a powerful new view of high school and the way students actively learn. It is so important that I post this TODAY because tonight in the wee hours of the morning the top 5 grant winners will be selected. I want to personally thank Alissa G. Cheek, and her staff for accepting a challenge that added hours of labor to each of their lives and to let each of you know that despite the outcome, what you have demonstrated and created already through collaboration and vision will enrich the lives of your student's beyond measure.

I have been an awe-struck spectator at the accomplishments of this school and it's staff since taking the superintendent's chair and am blessed beyond measure to have a front row seat at the 50 yard line as this adventure plays out. TCEC (staff and students) YOU have re-imagined school. You have reshaped forever the paradigm for learning and are a model in so many respects for all of our schools.

As Rodney Alt noted last evening in communication, you are ALL winners. Congratulations on achieving the culmination of a journey. Just know that you have already succeeded in your plan by embracing new innovative practices. The money indeed will be nice if granted, but in my book- irrelevant at this point because you've conquered the piece that cannot be bought. Here's to the spirit of innovation and inspiration! Go Jaguars!

Jeana Y. Conley, Superintendent