Murphy Middle School - STAC Competition

posted May 10, 2016, 9:40 AM by Randy Bryant
Fifteen students from Mrs. White’s sixth grade class at Murphy Middle School attended a STAC (Student Technology Advisory Council) competition at Cherokee Central Schools in Cherokee, NC, on April 26, 2016. Coordinated through Linda Dills: Student Technology Advisory Council and Jennifer White: Cherokee County N.O.C. Center.

There were two robotic teams that spent three months (equaling sixty hours) programming a brick (robot base) to perform various challenges. They had four challenges assigned to them at MMS, but when they attended the competition, all the programs had to be cleared and attachments broken down. At the competition, they were assigned four new challenges, and as a team, they had to program the brick to perform the missions on the spot. The process to get to competition required a lot of work and team building. Team One won third place and one hundred dollars.

Student Rachel Reid entered a competition for hobbies. She won first place and three hundred dollars. Her hobby was writing a novel. Her plans are to be an established author and have her book published. Rachel had to present a plan of her objectives using technology.  She created a power point for presentation, along with a portfolio, outlining how she got started, whom she had contacted about becoming an author, and what companies would be interested in her genre.

Six other students attended various workshops that ranged from technology, robotics, bead works, and the history/culture of the American Indian. In the workshops, they learned various information and had a lot of hands-on activities and fun.

Front row: L-R: Ketcher Esterling, Hugh Martin, Logan Hyde.
Second row: L-R: Brailey Barmore, Ethan Barnes, Torin Rogers, Taylor Phillips, Alyssa Phillips, Molly Kay West.
Back row: L-R: Mia Wilson, Rachel Reid, Steven Laney, Briggs Cornwell, Alyssa Sowerby.