Cherokee County
Public Schools

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Our Mission

Cherokee County Public Schools mission is for every student to graduate from high school globally competitive for work and postsecondary education and be prepared for life in the 21st century.

 Cherokee County Schools Personnel


Mrs. Kim Gibson, Director of Personnel 
Mrs. Ellaree Clonts, Employee Benefits/Payroll Administrator, Ext. 2420

Hiring Procedures:

When a vacancy occurs, it is advertised in the local papers and on the website under Employment Opportunities. Applications are collected until the deadline. They are then screened, and interviews are scheduled and conducted, usually by a panel made up of the personnel administrator, a principal and at least one other person from the school or department where the vacancy has occurred.  A candidate is chosen, reference checks done, and the name of the candidate is presented at the next Board of Education meeting for approval to be hired. 
The successful candidate picks up a new-employee packet of paperwork from the receptionist, completes the paperwork, and makes an appointment with the payroll/benefits administrator to finalize the hiring process.
Hiring Procedures for Substitute Teachers:

Substitute Teachers are hired based on the following criteria:
· Minimum High School Diploma; 2 - 4 year degree preferred.
· Effective Teacher Training is required for non-certified applicants before application is presented for approval. A copy of the certificate must be attached to the application.  Effective Teacher Training is offered through TCCC or the comparable Online Substitute Teacher Training through WRESA is offered at the link below.  Contact TCCC for ETT course offerings.

· An application must be completely filled out, which includes a physical; withholding information including a cancelled check/or voided deposit slip; local address and driver's license number; and two local references, preferably affiliated with the school system.  A criminal record check permission form must be completed.
· A brief interview is conducted and references are checked before the application is presented to the Board of Education for approval.
· The Board of Education approves substitutes at the August and January meetings each year, and occasionally at other meetings if the need is great.  The Board meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month, and the application/interview process must be completed by one week prior to the board meeting date. 
· Pay:  for non-certified personnel - 50% of an entry level teacher's pay on the bachelor scale, which is $141.53 for 2008-09; substitute pay is approximately  $70.77 for those with ETT training. For certified personnel - 65% of an entry level teacher's pay, or approximately $92.00. Updated November 10, 2008.
After a substitute is hired by the Board, the name and contact information is distributed to all schools.